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Design your Programme Train the Trainer

We will train you to run your own programme

Service Description

This Programme will show you how to deliver a training presentation, which is clear and convincing, and above all memorable. Through practice and discussion and one-to-one coaching, you will develop your own unique training style and enhance your techniques for eliciting audience response and involvement. You will discover how to use presentations as a powerful part of your personal communications strategy. After the programme participants will be able to: • Have greater impact, bringing passion and life to training and more convincing • Better motivate an audience through involvement • Spent time in preparation more efficiently • Adapt their training more easily to the audience • Better manage your stress • Handle questions and objections particularly from sceptical people • Maximise the use of visual/technical aids • Feel more confident about their enhanced presentations skills After the programme the organisation will have the following benefits • Better communication • More active meeting participants • More new suggestions/ideas that are implemented • Greater impact on external presentations • Time savings on internal exchange of information • Ideas are more likely to be "sold" in the right way • Happier employees • More goal-directed energy Making a powerful and convincing beginning  How to best introduce yourself and your idea  Opening with a bang!  Hi-lighting the benefits of your idea/topic  Use of appropriate examples  Adding emphasis and passion to your message  Creating the correct environment  Exercise: Presentation ‘The First 5-6 minutes’ Turning your training into a two-way communication  Benefits of audience participation  Ways of utilizing the audience to emphasis your message/topic  Your role as a facilitator 3.2 Programme Outline Below, we outline the contents of the programme as carried out with 2 presenters and 15 participants. This will have to be altered in part to account for only one presenter and additional participants. Introduction Goals of particpants Workshop- What prevents you from being a brilliant trainer Overcoming the above challenges Techniques to introduce yourself to gain respect for yourself and your product Assessment Presentation 1 - A short talk prepared and given by the participants introducing themselves and their role Video-tape feedback and one to one coaching. Individual development plan's Ask for more programmes...

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